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Back Issue Bundle: Six Issues from Year One


Get all six issues from Symbolia's stellar first year for just under $10. In this bundle, you'll get:

--How We Survive: Is the Salton Sea toxic? What is Zamrock? Get these answers and more in Symbolia’s double-sized preview issue.

--We Don't Belong: Are you a loner? A rebel? Meet other outsiders from around the world in this issue of Symbolia.

--The Mating Ritual: What happens when love meets science? Insect genitalia, sexbots and polyamory collide this issue of Symbolia.

--Heroines: Meet five courageous women from around the globe in this issue of Symbolia.

--True Crime: Hang with some juvenile delinquents, cavort with juggalos, crack a cold case and go beyond PTSD in this issue of Symbolia.

--The Confessional: This time, it's personal. In this issue, you'll get thrilling memoirs on immigration, being kidnapped by Syrian rebels, and more.

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